Use of Beckhoff EC communication terminals

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Use of Beckhoff EC communication terminals

Beckhoff offers different EtherCAT Terminals for communication with other fieldbus systems. These communication terminals can be used with the EtherCAT Acquisition Library.

For more complex components, such as the Profibus DP master terminal, the terminal is configured with TwinCAT. The configured terminal can then be operated with the EtherCAT Acquisition Library for LabVIEW.

The following communication terminals can be used:
  • RS232 / RS422 / RS485
  • AS Interface Master
  • IO Link master
  • Profinet IO controller
  • Profinet IRT controller
  • EtherNet / IP slave
  • Lightbus master
  • Profibus DP master / slave
  • Interbus slave
  • CANopen master / slave
  • DeviceNet master / slave
  • DMX master / slave
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