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EtherCAT slave PC LabVIEW

The combination of PLC and PC with LabVIEW application is a common setup in testing technology. PCs with
industrial image processing or advanced measurement hardware and complex evaluation are integrated as modules
into PLC control systems.

With the solution “EtherCAT Slave PC LabVIEW", it is now possible to use a PC with LabVIEW application
as EtherCAT slave in a PLC controlled system. The PC uses hereby a PCI EtherCAT slave card from Beckhoff
to fulfill the requirements of the EtherCAT bus. On the LabVIEW side an API is provided to generate data
objects for cyclic and acyclic data exchange and to access these. By File over EtherCAT it is simple to
transfer files like measurement data, images, reports and alike.

When using TwinCAT as PLC, there is a big advantage over communication using ADS. If ADS is opened for data
exchange between TwinCAT and LabVIEW, all variables and address space is opened for read and write to LabVIEW.
This can be quite a risk. With the EtherCAT slave solution TwinCAT controls the data exchange and the LabVIEW
application behaves as slave.

Currently only support for LabVIEW 32 bit on Win 32 and 64 bit systems

The range of functions includes:
  • Reading and writing of cyclic process data
  • Reading and writing of CoE objects
  • Transferring files with File over EtherCAT (FoE)
  • Creation of any data objects in the Object Dictionary
  • Generation of the process data interface
  • LabVIEW events for new process data as well as changes to CoE objects
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