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EtherCAT is based on ethernet. So ethernet tools for packet analysis and capture can be used in EtherCAT automation systems. A network TAP (Test Access Point) is a hardware device that is inserted in the ethernet cable to copy the data streams and send it to another ethernet port for monitoring. This is done without interfering the data traffic.

The EtherCAT Process Data Sniffer is a logger-software that reconstructs the EtherCAT process data coming from a network TAP. The EtherCAT process data is extracted and converted into the slave data objects using the ENI file of the EtherCAT system. The data can be logged to continuous files.

The software can be used for:

  • Analysis and debugging in EtherCAT systems
  • Data collection parallel to control system

Download v1.1.0 Manual


The software can be used with any network TAP. See the following selection of links to devices.

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Direct integration of EtherCAT slaves in LabVIEW.


With our EtherCAT Acquisition Library for LabVIEW, EtherCAT products can be easily controlled.


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