Using Beckhoff EC Communication Terminals    

Beckhoff offers a variety of communication terminals to interface with other fieldbusses. These communication terminals can be used with the EtherCAT Acquisition Library.

The more complex terminals like a Profibus DP Master has to be coonfigured with TwinCAT. The configured terminal can then be used with the EtherCAT Acqisiton Library for LabVIEW

The following communication terminals can be used:

  • RS232 / RS422/ RS485
  • AS Interface Master
  • IO Link Master
  • Profinet IO Controller
  • Profinet IRT Controller
  • EtherNet/IP Slave
  • Lightbus Master
  • Profibus DP Master / Slave
  • Interbus Slave
  • CANopen Master / Slave
  • DeviceNet Master / Slave
  • DMX Master / Slave

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